This is the place where to find customers for your real estate business!


We provide the clients - you decide how you want to pay for them.

Over 80% of buyers start their search for a home online. They're not only looking for a house to buy, they're looking for an agent to help them.

Since 1992 BuyersUSA Relocation has been helping real estate agents all over the country reach their financial goals by providing them with quality referral clients. We've operated under a time-tested referral fee model.

But now we're offering a choice!

Buy a lead outright (no referral fee) for only $29.99* or accept on a contingency basis and pay a referral fee if it closes. It's your choice!

Contingency Option Purchase Option

Don't want to take a risk up-front?

Take all the clients you want with no cost for individual clients.

Just pay a reasonable 25% referral fee on any lead that closes.

BuyersUSA Relocation helps you keep in touch with the lead.

Want to keep more of your hard-earned commission?

Pay as you go (no minimum number of clients you have to buy).

The lead is yours - we will not re-sell the lead or make it available to other agents.

Ability to request a credit for obviously bogus clients.

Currently Available clients

"Great clients, low referral fees. Thanks for the clients and your support"
--Ronnie M., Aldridge & Southerland Realtors

More testimonials here.

Membership Benefits

All members receive the following:

Option for each lead to decide on how you want to accept - purchase or contingency.

An RePagesOnline Webpage with 4 virtual tours (including easy-to-create panoramics).

Access to Free School Data for your Website

NEW!!!! Social Media Content! We provide 150 Real Estate Facebook Posts for you EVERY month so you can grow your Facebook Business! We also include a Professional Membership to SocialOpine for Twitter content. More Information HERE.


Where do we get our clients?
We have over 500,000 Web pages active on the Internet under a variety of different domains. We also work extensively with the major search engines to further increase our exposure. clients contact us by filling out an online form requesting relocation assistance. They are clearly instructed that a real estate agent will be contacting them with information. The lead enters a price range, estimated date of arrival and are encouraged to fill in more extensive details on what they're looking for. The contact information for the buyer will include at least one telephone number, physical address and e-mail address.


"I have been working with BuyersUSA Relocation since 2002 and I have found their lead generation system to be one of the better systems available for real estate agents. Almost all of the buyers with whom I come in contact are serious about relocating to our city; therefore, the time I take to communicate with them is well spent." --Gary M., RE/Max Pueblo Central, LLC

Even more testimonials here.


* BuyersUSA Relocation reserves the right to raise the price of clients.

BuyersUSA Relocation is a licensed real estate company in the State of Alabama.

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